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Wisdom Teeth Specialist

Davis Smile Center

Jafar Afkham, DDS

General Dentist & Cosmetic Dentist located in Davis, CA

Each year, more than five million Americans undergo wisdom teeth removal. This quick, outpatient procedure can lower the risk of tooth decay and gum disease while providing additional room for your other teeth. At Davis Smile Center, Jafar Afkham, DDS, specializes in wisdom teeth removal. To make an appointment at the practice in Davis, California, call the office, or use the online booking tool today.

Wisdom Teeth Q&A

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last of your permanent teeth to come in. They’re at the back of your mouth and break through the gum line sometime between the ages of 17-24. 

Unfortunately, wisdom teeth are more likely to become impacted or stuck beneath your other teeth because of their delayed growth. Without prompt intervention, an impacted wisdom tooth can lead to an infection or other more serious issues.

What are the symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth?

Common symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth include:

  • Jaw pain or swelling
  • Red, irritated, or bleeding gums
  • Persistent bad breath
  • A bad taste in your mouth

As the condition progresses, you might also experience difficulty opening your mouth or chewing.

What causes impacted wisdom teeth?

The leading cause of wisdom tooth impaction is a small jaw. If your wisdom teeth don’t have enough room to break through the gum line, they’re more likely to get stuck. You might also experience wisdom teeth impaction if your teeth come in at an unusual angle.

How are impacted wisdom teeth diagnosed?

To diagnose impacted wisdom teeth, Dr. Afkham conducts an oral exam, asks about your symptoms, and takes digital X-rays. If the X-rays show one (or several) impacted wisdom teeth, Dr. Afkham develops a custom treatment plan to quickly and safely remove them.

What does wisdom teeth removal involve?

Wisdom teeth removal is an outpatient procedure that only takes a few hours. On the day of your surgery, Dr. Afkham administers a local anesthetic to numb your gums, tooth roots, and jaw. Once you’re comfortable, he makes a small incision along your gums, directly above the impacted teeth.

He pulls back the gum tissue and carefully splits each wisdom tooth into several sections. Then, Dr. Afkham removes the pieces one at a time. After removing your wisdom teeth, he stitches your gums up and packs the area with clean gauze. 

Dr. Afkham moves you to an observation room for half an hour. A friend or family member can then pick you up and drive you home.

What is recovery like following wisdom teeth removal?

Following wisdom teeth removal, it’s difficult to fully open your mouth. Take at least a day off of work or school and follow Dr. Afkham’s recovery instructions. Eat only soft foods, take your medication as prescribed, and avoid strenuous activities like intense cardiovascular exercise. 

As you recover, it’s normal to experience some pain, swelling, and bleeding. To relieve any discomfort, apply an ice pack to your cheek or take over-the-counter pain medication. After about two weeks, you return to Davis Smile Center for a follow-up. Dr. Afkham conducts an oral exam, ensuring your mouth is healing properly.

To learn more about wisdom teeth removal, make an appointment at Davis Smile Center by calling the office or using the online booking tool today.